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Fund Info

  • Purpose:

  • The Holstege Fund invests in stocks with the sole purpose of earning money for the fund shareholders. Once a year all shareholders will have an annual fund meeting. All transactions, results and future transactions will be announced then. The fundmeeting also has a purpose of entertainment.

  • Risk:

  • The fund invests in stocks worldwide. Sectors in which the fund may invest are software, semiconductor, telecom and internet related sectors. The fund may also choose to invest in any other sectors. Due to the sectors in which the fund invests there is a high risk factor. Fluctuations of more than 10% of the fundprice are possible to occur in one day.

  • Specific Information:

  • Information about the fund, total assets and the fund investments may be requested by anyone at any time by mailing the fundmanager. No information of any kind will be made public to anyone about the fund shareholders. This includes names, number of shares outstanding and the number of fund shareholders.

  • Legal:

  • The fund is owned and managed by Gert-Jan Holstege. The fund has no legal status at this time. All transactions will be done by the fundmanager. The relationship between fund shareholders and fund manager is based on trust. Not at any time can the fundmanager be held legally responsible for any losses the fund and its shareholders may have suffered.

  • Costs:

  • The costs of buying shares are 0,5% of the total amount.
    The costs of selling shares are 0,5% of the total amount.
    There is a annual fundmanager fee of 0,5% of the totaal amount.

  • Investing in the fund:

  • If you wish to invest in the fund you can e-mail the fundmanager to make an appointment.